The role of your Changing Your World Coach is to walk along side you, to inspire your purpose and help you discover new ways to achieve your personal and professional life goals. We are a different kind of life, career, and business coach because we truly care about you becoming all that you are gifted to be. We want to see you establish the business and women’s ministry you have always wanted.  We want to see you have a fulfilling career and not just a job. We want you to pursue your dreams and walk past every obstacle. We want you to understand that nothing can stop you but you. You are never too old to accomplish your life dreams and we are here to help you along the way. Whatever your life goal is, we want to help you pursue it and achieve it! You are more than a client to us. You are a person who we care about and a person  we want to see achieve your goals. We want the opportunity to team up with you and help you lay the foundation for your life, business, ministry or career goals.

We will help you to:

  1. Implement a plan of action
  2. Establish measurable and achievable goals
  3. Help you stay focused on your goals
  4. Move forward from where you are, to where you want to be
  5. Guide you to discover and experience your potential
  6. Help you to take advantage of opportunities and resources that are available

We are excited about what is in store for you, as you allow us to partner with you on your new journey!

Not sure what Coaching is?

Coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching is an ongoing, transparent relationship typically conducted via phone to empower you to explore your purpose, vision, goals and dreams. Coaching helps you to experience your true potential quickly. Coaching provides you with accountability, a place to brainstorm a defined journey that will help you move towards growth, development and change. Since each coaching experience is unique to the client, each client will set the tone for their coaching session.

How can Coaching help you? Coaching will help you….

  • Discover and inspire your purpose and passion
  • Help you solve problems and focus on your life’s values
  • Create direction and a plan of action to achieve your life purpose and mission
  • Identify your most important goals and create a strategic plan
  • Maximize your potential by building your strengths and skills
  • Negotiate more effectively and accomplish a higher level of personal and business development
  • Identify opportunities to reach greater career growth and success
  • Create a plan to successfully go through life transitions
  • Live a life of purpose that matters, while maintaining a life of balance and wellness

What types of Coaching are available?

  • Personal Life Coaching (Includes purpose coaching, motivational and growth coaching, pre-marital and marriage)
  • Career Coaching (Includes career transition, career growth)
  • Womens Ministry Coaching (Coaching women’s ministry leaders to launch a ministry, and organize outreach events to reach women for the Kingdom)
  • Small Business Coaching (Coaching women who want to launch their business based on their passion and purpose)

Coaching Services are for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Groups/Teams
  • Small Businesses
  • Church Ministry Leaders


Coaching Package Options:

Individual coaching packages range from $125 to $375 per month depending on the number of sessions you need. Contact us to discuss your individual coaching needs.

Group Coaching Packages are available. Contact us to discuss your group coaching needs.

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Changing Your World Coaching International Coaching Fee

Coaching Cancellation Policy

If you know you will need to cancel a coaching session, please call or e-mail within 24 hours of the scheduled session. Aside from emergency situations, there will be a charge for sessions cancelled within the 24 hours.

Coaching Refund Policy

Once sessions have been paid for, either on a session-by-session basis or package plan, refunds will not be given. Unused package plan sessions may be used for any time in the future.